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All courses can be offered anywhere in the world with credit given through the Northeast Consortium/Salem State College.
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NEW:  Bully Prevention Through Classroom Puppetry Arts
   co teacher: Robin D'Antona, Ed.D - area of expertise Bully Prevention
                         offered summer session NEC, Salem State College.

This course will address issues relating to Bullying and how classroom teachers can help children to understand the role of the bystander, the bully and the victim. Teacheers will exerience the dynamic impact of puppetry in developing bulling prevention awareness and empathy. Teachers will learn hands on tehniques for using puppetry to address bulling and bully prevention issues in the classroom and the school. $10.00 handbook and some materials. Participants are responsible for most materials, a list will be provided.

 Puppet Power in the Classroom: unlocking doors to the mind

 This course will provide ideas on how to use puppetry in the classroom to stimulate learning and provide a unique way to assess understanding of literature, social studies, multicultural issues and interpersonal relations. Teachers will learn how to construct a variety of puppets and masks, how to use them in an expressive way, and how to incorporate them into the curriculum in the inclusion classroom.  
$10.00 materials fee
(3 credit course 37.5 hours)

NEW: Puppets Literacy and the Young Child.
3 credit graduate course offered through MEC, Fitchburg State College

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