Shadow  puppets
Rod Puppets
Judy with the Grandmother
The Puppets after a performance
Students Backstage
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       Memories of a Chinese Grandmother

( grades 2-6)

Memories of a Chinese Grandmother   is a unique blend of puppetry and folktales. The performance highlights many of China’s rich cultural traditions   and provides a vehicle for stimulating cultural awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences and similarities.

The participation of 24 students, grades 4-6,  adds a refreshing new dimension to puppetry and absolutely captivates the audience.  Students rehearse for 2 hours prior to performing for the school audience. It is important for students to gain an understanding of China, its contributions to civilization and its importance in the 21st Century.

Memories of Chinese Grandmother has been archived; however, it it available for block booking of 3 or more performances upon request. It is a perfect production to celebrate Chinese New Year.