Some of Judith’s past work. She no longer performs these plays.

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"Tales from Greek Mythology"

(grades 4-7)

Tales From Greek Mythology brings greek myths alive by weaving together a story about Persephone and Demeter and the origin of the Seasons; Arachne who is turned into a spider; Phaeton, who dared to drive the chariot of the sun; the hero Perseus, his encounter with Medusa and the winged horse Pegasus, his rescue and marriage to Andromedea and his eventual place among the constellations; and Pandora and her Box. The production includes 25 students, who perform with shadow puppets, a life sized Pandora puppet, and small rod puppets that glow in black light. They rehearse for 2 hours and then perform for the audience.

       Memories of a Chinese Grandmother

                           ( grades 2-6)

Memories of a Chinese Grandmother   is a unique blend of puppetry and folktales. The performance highlights many of China’s rich cultural traditions   and provides a vehicle for stimulating cultural awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences and similarities.

The participation of 24 students, grades 4-6, adds a refreshing new dimension to puppetry and absolutely captivates the audience.  Students rehearse for 2 hours prior to performing for an audience. It is important for students to gain an understanding of China, its contributions to civilization and its importance in the 21st Century.

"Hansel and Gretel"

(grades K-5)

Hansel and Gretel is a classic German folk tale with music from the opera by Humperdinck. It is a kinder, gentler version of the Grimm Fairy Tale, and it opens up conversation about parenting, talking to strangers, heroism, love, and the wonder and challenges of childhood. The play includes 16 children who become angels, dancing witches and Gingerbread cookies.