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Puppetry in Education

Judith O'Hare has been a leader in the area of Puppetry in Education since 1989 when she created Puppets:Education Magic, a conference for educators, as part of the Puppeteers of America National Festival held at MIT, Cambridge, MA
Awards include:
Marjorie Batchelder Award for a career in Puppetry in Education, given by the Puppeteers of America 2007
Northeast Region of Puppeteers of America award for establishing and directing Puppets :Education Magic
Award given by the Reading Cultural Council in Appreciation for outstanding contribution to the cultural life of this community

Judith has been a featured performer and teacher trainer in Nairobi, Kenya, at the EduPuppets International Puppet Festival for 3 consecutive festivals from 2002-2006
She was a featured teacher trainer in Hong Kong, China, where her work was compiled into a cudriculum book for teachers.
She has trained interns from Bennington College over many years
She is recognized for her school residencies and teacher traininng workshops and graduate courses