"Sleeping Beauty"--- 35 minutes-

is told in a pop up book format as a Personal Story, as if my great grandmother was the Nonni for the princess Victoria, named after Queen Victoria. At the end when she is awakened after 100 years, she goes outside the palace and finds herself in a modern city.  She says she wants to go back, but Freddy Prince, her modern prince charming, tells her "You can't go back, this is the 21st Century, you can't go back".

    After the show, I urge the children to talk to their grandparents, and older people in their family, and ask them to tell about when they were young, and then to write their own personal book.


This play is wonderful introduction to WRITING a personal story and making a family book.

This play can lead children into talking with family members and collecting their own family stories.

Each story can led children to thinking beyond the plot and characters to what they could mean to them; how they can relate to their own lives and experiences. And doesn’t every young girl wish for a prince to change her life?

   There are many characters to discuss: The fairies: each give a gift, not a tangible gift, but a gift of character: Honesty, beauty in the soul, caring, dancing and music, a love of chemistry and science … 

Grazella is a mean fairy, is she mean because she was not invited or did she has some unattractive characteristics that caused her not to be invited?  Do you know any characters like her?

Felicity is clever, kind and resourceful. Do you know people like her? How did she help Victoria? Why didn’t she  just reverse Grazella’s spell?If you could have a special gift like one of these  what would it be? and why?

What characters are the same or different from another version you may read or seen?

Was the last scene unexpected? What did you expect the scenery to look like when Victoria awoke.   What do you think the world will look like one hundred years from now? “A hundred years is a long time!”

Sleeping Beauty