Puppetry in Education and Therapy: Unlocking Doors to the Mind and Heart

Edited by Judith O’Hare and Matthew Bernier

In Puppetry in Education and Therapy: Unlocking Doors to the Mind and Heart, one finds enormous variety, ingenuity, and creativity in the types of puppets, and the ways they are used in education and in therapy... click here for more information and to purchase the book . www.authorhouse.com


Puppet Project

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"If you want your children to be intelligent read them Fairy Tales; if  you want them to be more intelligent, read them more Fairy Tales", Albert Einstein .
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Awarded winning puppeteer/educator

Judith O’Hare is the fourth recipient of  The Marjorie Batchelder McPharlin award for puppetry in Education given by  the Puppeteers of America." For the past seventeen hears, Judith has organized and led Puppets Education Magic for educators, librarians, hobbyists, and therapists. This was first held at the Puppeteers of America National Festival held at MIT, in Cambridge in 1989. Originally it attracted local educators, but over the years others from out of state have attended. In recent years workshop leaders and participants have come from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colorado, Washington, California Florida, Hawaii, Canada, New Jersey, N.Y, and Israel to name a few.

Judith is the Puppeteers of America’s Education consultant, a participant and leader of seminars, symposiums, and workshops for educators at national and regional festivals. Student teachers and practicing teaches who have enrolled in her graduate college courses at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and the Northeast Consortium, agree that her courses are valuable and fun, and her lessons are easily applied to classroom situations."

In the past Judith has also traveled outside the Northeast region to work with students, teachers and puppeteers across the USA and also to China, Tanzania and Kenya where she produced a Teacher’s Manual with the local teachers. Her most recent accomplishment was to co-edit the book, Puppetry in Education and Therapy: Unlocking Doors to the Mind and Heart.

Professional Day for the Teaching Artist and Therapist

      Puppeteers of America National

Julu 17&18, 2017

Festival July 17 evening opening

July 18 Professional Da for the Teaching Artist and Therapist

Proposal forms for presenters can be found at www.puppeteers.org, click on National Festival 2015 and click on Professional Day.

Registration for the Festival and the  Professional day will begin in January

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