The first part of this video clip is a piece from the beginning, featuring animal shadow puppets. The second part of the clip is when the boy meets the crocodile and begins his good deed.


            The Crocodile, the Boy and the Good Deed

"Sleeping Beauty" is told as a personal story about my Great grandmother who was theNanny for Princess Victoria. When I grew up I went back to see where my Great grandmother lived and came to be banished to America. I was there for the awakening. All families have stories, what is yours?

Sleeping Beauty

The Three Pigs or it Takes a Woman

"The Three Pigs  or it Takes a Woman" is told with shadow puppets in a Toy  Theater. It is amazing what one can learn from a book and it does pay to "be prepared".

The  Three Bears or a Bed and Breakfast in the Woods

When Goldilocks thinks the little house in the woods was a "bed and breakfast" she enters the house and things happen.  Guess who gets blamed for eating all the porridge, breaking breaking a chair and jumping on the beds?  Momma Bear has some good advice for Baby bear at the end.