The Crocodile, the Boy and the Good Deed, is an East African story with a moral about life, aging and good deeds.  This story was performed in Nariobi for the International Puppet Festival in 2006

    Pop up Scenery, stage design by:Agusta Agustsson,Melrose, MA

    Puppets designed by: Joyce Hutter, Strings ‘n Things, San Pedro , CA

    Puppet mechanism: Agusta Agustsson, Xun Xe, Puppets in Practice, NY


  This is a folk tale from the Plains of Africa, and it ends like many African tales with a moral question. When a young boy agrees to carry an old crocodile to the river, he does not expect to become the crocodile’s lunch. When the Crocodile says “A good deed deserves a bad deed", the boy protests, and they decide to get some other opinions.  Two old animals agree with the crocodile since they have been treated badly in their old age, but a clever rabbit gives the story another twist. A good deed deserves….what do you think?


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