“The Three Bears or a Bed and Breakfast in the Woods"

  15 minutes

This is a simple story but it contains some interesting elements. I often wondered why a little girl would just walk into a stranger’s house. Therefore, I decided to have her on a long hike up the Appalachian  Trail; she is tired and ready for a nice warm bed when she sees the house in the woods and thinks it is a Bed and Breakfast. From this starting point she approaches the bowls, chairs and beds as if she is a guest and the people are expecting three visitors.  Another element that I added was that Baby Bear gets blamed for eating the porridge, breaking his chair and jumping on the furniture.  These two elements added drama and tension to a very simple story.

How is the story the same and different from the one you have heard, read or seen?

Did you ever get blamed for something you did not do? This is what happened to Baby Bear.

What character/s did you like and why? What happened before the story began? Where was Goldilocks going?  Can it help to recreate a story if you think of what happened before the first scene? And what will happen after the last scene?  What other things are in the story that could help you create your own puppet play of a fairy tale?

   This story is told in a traditional Toy Theater which looks just like a miniature proscenium stage with pop up Scenery.