"Three Pigs or It Takes a Woman" 12 minutes

is told in the Toy Theater, with shadow puppets. In this version, Sophie, the girl pig, plans ahead and captures the wolf, who has a bad cough. Bernie the nervous pig, tells him he has a cough because he smokes too much, and Cannonball, the saxophone playing pig, wants to start a family jazz band. At the end they decide to take the wolf to a doctor to fix the cough and Bernie suggests they take him to psychiatrist to get an attitude adjustment.

Shadow puppets are very easy to make and use and students can retell many stories in a short time with shadow puppets, a screen and a light bulb.

Questions to explore:

What is unique about the retelling of this story? What characteristics does  each Pig have? Why is Sophie’s book important?  Do you think the Pig who built the Brick house should be a boy or a girl? Why?

Did the Wolf get what he deserved?  What do you think should have happened to the wolf?

What does the wolf represent ? Do you think that there is a Big Bad Wolf out in the world as children grow up and move away from their parents? What could the wolf stand for? This story can be very poignant for middle school students who are on the brink of moving out of childhood into the life a teenager and then on to adulthood. What are the wolves that they see on the landscape?

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