Puppets provide children with an opportunity to be personally expressive:

-to develop creative expression

-to observe the world through the senses, to remember what has been observed, to process what was observed, and to recreate it with puppets

-to use art materials to create a personal puppet

-to use found objects as expressive materials and find ways to bring them to life

-to develop a character -walk in someone else’s shoes

-to express feelings 

-to explore conflicts and resolutions through dramatic expression

-to recreate stories from literature and life

-to release fears, aggressions and frustrations in acceptable ways

-to develop coordination and a sense of timing

-to put into words and actions information learned in school and life

-to develop spontaneous oral expression

-to work cooperatively, come to consensus, share space

-to gain confidence and personal satisfaction

-to enhance a child’s feelings of self-worth

-to gain an appreciation of literature by presenting it in puppet drama

-to polish, discuss and improve on what has been presented

Workshops for Children

Pre K-High School

What do children and young people gain when they use puppets?