Where Passion Meets Art and Education

Where Passion Meets Art and Education

Where Passion Meets Art and EducationWhere Passion Meets Art and EducationWhere Passion Meets Art and Education

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Puppeteer - Educator-Speaker

Judith is an award winning puppeteer and educator. She  brings a unique style and passion to her performances  that have won her acclaim locally, nationally and internationally. She performs with Table Top Victorian Toy Theaters with pop up scenery to retell Fairy tales and Folk tales that stimulate audiences to enjoy and think about what they have seen and how it might relate to their lives.

She works in schools teaching puppetry as an "avenue to literacy" 

She gives Teacher Training Workshops

She is available to give Power Point lectures 

Puppetry an avenue to Literacy with children and Teacher Training

Judith's teaches puppetry in schools and in enrichment programs.  Her works is designed to stimulate language and literacy though puppetry arts.



Each show is between 15 and 35 minutes and be combined to form longer performances.

Choose from:

“The Three Bears or a Bed and Breakfast in the Woods”  

Did you ever wonder why a little girl would just walk into a stranger’s house? Maybe she was on a long hike; she was tired and ready for a nice warm bed when she sees the house in the woods and thinks it is a Bed and Breakfast. OH, OH when the family of bears return from a walk before breakfast, they find someone has eaten their breakfast and broken a chair and who do they blame? Baby Bear….Its an old story with a new twist told in a Victorian Toy Theater with pop up scenery. 


“The Three Billy Goats Gruff” , A Norwegian tale

“Moral and Ethical education through puppetry” 


Little Billy goat comes home upset because again he couldn’t get across the bridge and his friends left him when Thomas T. Troll said, “Give me your lunch or you’re  going to be my lunch” .He is encouraged by his brother, Clyde, and his Uncle Will to try again, and they promise to give him backup. Uncle Will told him to use his head. He was not sure how he would “use his head” but he came up with a plan and went off to find out what was on the other side of the bridge. The Three Billy Goats outsmarted Thomas and made it across the bridge with a little help from the audience. Thomas was a Bully who learned a lesson and Billy finds out he really does have friends.


The Crocodile, The Boy and the Good Deed

   This is an African Tale that raises a profound question, "Does a good deed deserve a Bad Deed or another good deed?  How is old age rewarded? and can a small boy  be a hero?  The story is told with pop up scenery and rod marionettes.

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